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You’re responsible for keeping your business compliant without slowing it down, and that’s a big job. The sheer amount of information you deal with is a major challenge. And with regulations constantly evolving, risk and complexity are increasing.

Your organization can benefit from better content governance — tools that are simple to use while providing control. In this webinar, you’ll learn how to orchestrate better lifecycle management for your content by:

  • Scaling good governance practices across your organization — especially when collaborating with outside partners
  • Rethinking your retention and eDiscovery strategies to deal with massive amounts of unstructured content
  • Shifting your infogov strategy to optimize for a best-of-breed world

Watch now to learn how to better manage the explosion of digital content, put a solid governance plan in place, and ensure your policies are effective.

John Frost
Information Governance Specialist
Box, Inc.

Aaron Levie

CEO, Co-founder and Chairman

Steve Kerr

Golden State Warriors
Head Coach

Jeetu Patel

Chief Product Officer