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"While you were out, I downloaded my own app, dropped in our sensitive data, and handed it off to a vendor."

Admins, that's the last thing you want to hear. It's time to modernize work and motivate your people to follow suit. Join our webinar to discover secure collaboration tools teams love to use.

We'll kick off with demos on mobile scan and capture, workflow automation and ownership transfer, and custom file request branding — and round things off with new Slack and Zoom integrations that simplify teamwork.

See how to:

  • Capture and scan from anywhere in Box Mobile
  • Automate and manage workflows with Box Relay
  • Streamline work with Zoom and Slack integrations
Nicole Bridgeman
Change Management Consultant

Michelle Norgan
Group Manager, Product Management
Kim Kung
Sr. Product Manager, Partner Integrations

Julia Benivegna
Solutions Engineer