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Is security slowing your business down? The paradox of security is the more you lock down content, the harder you make it for users to get their work done.

Watch this webcast to get your first look at our most advanced security offering for reducing the risk of accidental data leakage and protecting your business from insider and external threats.

In this fast-paced webcast, you'll see how Box Shield lets you:

  • Provide a frictionless experience — Through guardrails and built-in controls that work with the flow of information, not against it
  • Reduce risk with precision — Implement more granular policies like allowing exceptions and including or excluding domains.
  • Take a load off your security team — Define and enforce controls in a more automated way that prevents data loss in real time vs. cleaning up after risky events.

Today’s digital-first organisations rely on Box to securely manage their enterprise content. Now see how Box Shield helps you further reduce risk in a precise, frictionless way.

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Jeetu Patel
Chief Product Officer

Alok Ojha
Sr. Director - Security Products
Rich Mogull
Analyst & Chief Executive Officer

Aaron Levie

CEO, Co-founder and Chairman

Steve Kerr

Golden State Warriors
Head Coach

Jeetu Patel

Chief Product Officer