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Organisations have been moving to the cloud for at least 5 years, and probably talking about it for at least 10. With most of us familiar with the benefits of cloud services, then, why is the process of moving to the cloud still considered by some to be a challenge? 

This AWS and Box webinar, in conjunction with Computing, explores what moving to the cloud actually means in 2019. 

What are the different approaches and resulting opportunities? What are the common pitfalls and hurdles when moving your workloads – such as enterprise content - and how to manage them? How do you tackle enterprise-wide adoption of cloud technologies securely at an end-user level? 

And how does leveraging cloud technology affect the key roles of CTO and CIO in a typical organisation, taking all the above into account?

To tackle the above questions, Computing's Group News Editor, Graeme Burton is joined in the studio by Box's very own CIO, Paul Chapman. Angelo Crippa, EMEA Enterprise Business Development Leader at AWS and Peter Gothard, Technology Analyst at Computing complete the line up.


Graeme Burton
Group News Editor

Paul Chapman

Angelo Crippa
EMEA Enterprise Business Development Leader

Peter Gothard
Technology Analyst