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From the perils of neck ache at your home office desk, to the classic embarrassment of talking for 10 minutes on mute, or the scramble to find your files, this fun webinar will ease you into 2021. Watch this webinar for lighthearted tips and important pointers that will help boost your career — in spite of challenges that come with a pandemic.   

Now that you’ve had time to adjust to working from home, it’s time to refine your routine and position yourself as the true professional you really are, with no neck ache in sight.   

In this webinar, hear about must-have tools and get career-enhancing insights from our team of specialists, so you bring your best self to work in 2021.   

Ashesh Satvedi, Online Events, Box 
Ashesh has over seven years of virtual events experience with expertise in live video broadcasts and photography. As an ex-professional photographer he has an eye for how to make you look your best in front of the camera. No filter or crazy purchases required.

Addi McClure, Workplace Services, Box 
Addi is an Office Ergonomic Assessment Specialist and an advocate for engaging and productive office environments. She spent several years managing ergonomic appointments and requests for Boxers. During the webinar, she’ll cover ergonomic basics and stretches as well as what to consider when purchasing ergonomic office essentials. 

Dan O'Leary, Partnerships, Box 
A former Box customer, Dan is part of the founding Box Consulting team and a former Principal Solutions Architect, designing Box solutions for GE, Stanford Hospital, and AstraZeneca. Dan will demo Box and "peel back the onion" on how the team has worked together to create this webinar, covering cloud content management and collaboration. See how seamless workflows and integrations across all your apps pave your way to success, faster. 

If you’re looking to boost your career and make 2021 bigger and better, don’t miss these insights. It’s your time to collaborate and shine online. 

Ashesh Satvedi
Group Manager, Online/Demand Generation

Addi McClure
Sr. WPS Admin
Dan O'Leary
Director, Partnerships

Aaron Levie

CEO, Co-founder and Chairman

Steve Kerr

Golden State Warriors
Head Coach

Jeetu Patel

Chief Product Officer