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The Chief Information Officer is stepping up. Once stuck in the confines of the back office, today’s CIO is increasingly being asked to enable business change through technology. CEOs and boards want their IT executives to enable things new revenue streams and better customer service. What’s more, CIOs themselves are increasingly trying to step outside ‘firefighting’ to become strategic leaders that can truly influence business change.

This business change is increasingly possible through the advance of digital technologies, as organisations look for ways in which said technology can improve things like internal efficiencies, workplace performance and even help to generate new revenue streams.

The CIO is front and centre of this charge to become a so-called digital business. IDG’s 2018 Digital Business report reveals that the CIO ‘owns’ key areas along this transition, such as the data/security protection strategy, IT skills assessment, roadmap development, the workforce strategy and technology needs assessment.

Ownership is one thing, but how do you get started?

In this webinar, we investigate how the CIO can accelerate that digital journey, including:

  • How the CIO wields influence in the digital world
  • How they collaborate with LOB and management to create/scale a digital business
  • Building a digital culture
  • Redefining process for better workplace efficiency and collaboration
  • The role of digital technologies – finding the right choice for your business
  • Empowering staff
Scott Carey
Group Editor - UK B2B

Dan Farkas
Vice President UKI and Northern Europe
Jesper Frederiksen
VP and General Manager, EMEA

Dianna Langley
Digital Workplace Manager
Oxfam International