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By 2021, enterprises will experience an 8x increase in data generated — and 80% of that will be unstructured content.*

Come meet Box Skills, a framework for creating structure and understanding your business content at scale by applying best-of-breed artificial intelligence technologies from the world's best providers around the industry. 
Watch this webinar to learn how Box Skills can help you:

•   Apply AI technologies across your business to drive employee productivity, accelerate business processes and reduce security and compliance risk

•   Take advantage of best-of-breed AI technologies from industry leaders and apply them to all your content inside Box

•   Create your own custom integrations that apply AI in unique ways for your business

You'll also see how Box Skills fits into our bigger vision for Cloud Content Management, a world where digital businesses can easily leverage all their content for higher productivity, greater efficiencies and better customer experiences.

* Gartner. 

Mike Schwartz
Senior Product Marketing Manager, Box

Ravneet Uberoi
Product Management, Box
"Companies have to rethink the way they innovate, collaborate, and organize or they will fail."
- Aaron Levie, Co-founder and CEO, Box