How to Build Engaging Content Experiences in your Apps

Digital enterprises build digital experiences for interacting with their extended ecosystem of customers, partners and suppliers and content is at the heart of those interactions. Using Box Platform, enterprises transform business processes around content using the powerful cloud-based content and collaboration APIs.
In this webinar, learn why companies across industries and more than 80,000 developers are leveraging Box Platform to add secure content management and collaboration to their apps, without needing to build and maintain their own content services.

  • Get an overview of content and collaboration APIs, the types of apps you can you create, and real ­life examples of apps
  • Learn about key capabilities and how apps leverage Box Platform
  • Discover tools and resources available for businesses and developers building custom apps


Mike Schwartz, Product Marketing, Box Platform
About Box Platform:
Box Platform is a suite of cloud-based content and collaboration APIs that allow businesses of all sizes to power secure content management and engaging, collaborative content experiences in their apps. If you are building custom internal applications or new digital experiences for your customers, this is a webinar not to be missed!