Own Your Keys to the Cloud

As organizations, like yours, move their data to the cloud file sharing and collaboration solutions, there may be a limit to what type of data can be moved there without controlling your own encryption keys. With recently announced Box KeySafe (formerly Box EKM), you can now take advantage of content collaboration in the cloud while maintaining independent control over the encryption keys that protect their content. How?

Box has partnered with Amazon Web Services to provide on-demand management of keys through AWS KMS (Key Management Services). This is a perfect option for organizations that require a simple solution configurable in 30 minutes to address advanced security needs.

Join Rich Mogull, Industry Analyst and CEO of Securosis with Ken Beer, General Manager of Amazon Web Services and Jon Fan, Dir of Enterprise Products at Box to learn how to:

  • Identify whether you need customer-managed encryption
  • Evaluate options and identify requirements
  • Real-world case studies from different industries and company sizes
  • How organizations justify the investment
  • How to deploy fast without compromising usability and governance at scale


Rich Mogull
Analyst & CEO, Securosis

Rich has twenty years experience in information security, physical security, and risk management. He specializes in cloud security, data security, application security, emerging security technologies, and security management.

Ken Beer
General Manager in AWS Cryptography

Ken Beer is responsible for developing solutions to help AWS customers secure their data in the cloud. Ken has worked in identity and access management as well as cryptography at AWS. He currently owns the AWS Key Management Service

Jon Fan
Director of Enterprise Products, Box

Jon Fan brings over 15 years experience in IT security, IT operations, and software engineering to his role in product management at Box. Prior to Box, Jon co-founded and was CEO of Subspace, which was acquired by Box in 2015