How to Succeed at Information Governance in the Cloud

Avoid putting your organization at risk. Learn how to protect your corporate assets in the cloud.

Information-governance practices have historically been complicated, and it's no surprise that they're not well understood in the context of cloud adoption. How should firms evaluate retention and disposition policies, legal holds, and defensible discovery?

Watch our webinar and listen in with industry experts Chris Walker and Jessica Fain, for a conversation on:

  • Defining Information Governance and how it applies to your organization
  • Moving from legacy on-premise solutions to more automated, integrated systems
  • Protecting your corporate assets in the era of digital transformation


Chris Walker
Information Governance Consultant

Chris Walker is an independent information governance consultant, blogger, thought leader, and keynote speaker. His clients include public and private sector organizations in North America and Europe. Prior to declaring independence, Chris spent years toiling for ECM SI’s and vendors. Chris also created the Principles of Holistic Information Governance as a way to help organizations assess their true information management related needs. In addition to being the Principal of PHIGs IMC Inc, Chris is one of Canada’s most prolific writers on enterprise content management and an industry thought leader.

Jessica Fain
Product Manager, Box

Jessica Fain leads Product for our Box Governance offering, which is focused on Information Governance, eDiscovery, and auditing. Most recently, she has designed and implemented Box's Legal Holds and Retention Management products for supporting customers' legal, regulatory, and business needs. Jessica began her career in Customer Success and believes in building products that offer powerful functionality, are easy to implement and delightful to use.