On-Demand Webinar: How Box Platform Helps Businesses Build Better Apps 
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As digital transforms every company in every industry, app development teams are building apps to support the needs of their businesses. But content in most apps is broken.
With every app they create, a new content silo is created, with its own permissions, policies, and retention. Moreover, end users can't view content in their apps, often forced to download files separately or leave the app altogether.
Hosted by Mike Schwartz, Product Marketing, Platform at Box, this live webinar is the best way to learn how Box Platform helps app development teams take a better approach to app content.
About Box Platform:

Box Platform is a comprehensive, cloud-native Content Platform-as-a-Service (Content PaaS) which delivers powerful content management & experience capabilities through its Box Content API and a suite of developer SDKs. If you are thinking about modernizing your internal or customer facing apps, this is a webinar not to be missed.

Mike Schwartz
Product Marketing, Platform at Box